2018 Letter from the President

Hello Fellow Association Members-

Welcome! 2017 has been a solid year.  Business is steady, our members are strengthening and our association made progress.  I’m happy to report that we accomplished the following; 1) revamped our training and education program, 2) improved our communication and association management platform, and 3) added valuable members to our board and association.  Our association is on strong footing and well positioned to serve our members in 2018.  A BIG thank you is due to our Executive Director Michelle Goshorn, the entire Board, our vendor partners AND our members.

We look forward to 2018, full of optimism.  We’re optimistic about the prospects of a stronger economy – We’re optimistic about a strengthening association – We’re optimistic that our members, more than ever, are engaged and ready to contribute to OUR association.  This optimism, however, isn’t blind.  Our industry continues to face challenges – a shortage of skilled labor, an aging workforce, regulatory and governmental hurdles.  These issues are bigger than any one company or individual.  They require the effort of us all!

It’s critically important for us to reach new members!  We all have a responsibility to help lift our industry – to raise the bar and improve our quality of service.  Our members get this… unfortunately, there are a great number of dealers that don’t.  We must engage them and help them succeed!  Here’s how you can help – reach out to a dealer that isn’t engaged, that’s not a member and doesn’t know where to turn to for help.  Tell them about the training we provide, the business/technical support we provide and the great value of networking with industry friends. They’ll be better off for it!  You will too.

Please consider spending your time, effort, or money supporting our Association.  I am asking you, if you have not already done so, please renew your annual Membership for 2018 for a very nominal $199.00.  Several of our vendor partners (Elias Wilf, J.J. Haines & Fishman Flooring Solutions) have graciously provided coupons worth up to $200.00 for our renewing members – making our 2018 membership a no brainer!  Click here to complete your membership online.

Together, we can make our association even greater!

Adam Joss


Mid-Atlantic Flooring Association

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