2024 Letter from the President

Hello Fellow Association Members,

Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Floor Covering Association! I am reaching out to you with our annual newsletter. Looking back on the last year, 2023 was a busy year for all of us. We were all able to enjoy each other’s company at the Guinness Brewery. In addition, we also held the Annual Golf Outing, and everyone had a great time. This event is a major fundraiser for our Association, and we look forward to everyone’s participation in 2024.

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Building membership is a priority for our Association. We need everyone to renew their membership and contact one dealer to encourage them to join our group. The membership cost is $199.00 annually but can be offset by the coupons offered by our participating vendors, such as Elias Wilf, J.J. Haines, and Fishman Flooring Solutions. Membership benefits will continue for Members, such as being a preferred partner of our suppliers to receive competitive pricing on their projects. We will continue to develop and implement industry-leading training programs that can benefit your operations and professionalism. As other events and opportunities arise, we will reach out and let you know.

Moving into 2024, with the new administration in place, we will be focused on issues that may affect our businesses. As was filed last year, SB838 worker misclassification has become an issue again. With a lot of input from this Association, we got this bill rewritten to defeat the initiative effectively. With the anticipation of similar bills being proposed this year, your MAFCA Board has engaged with a well-respected lobbying firm, Harris Jones and Malone. To date, we have had some good dialogue with key players in Annapolis. If anyone would like more details on these meetings, please feel free to contact me.

In closing, I believe we can continue to develop our association into an even stronger group representing our membership and that we can be proud of.

Steve Weidner