2023 Letter from the President

Hello Fellow Association Members,

Welcome to the Mid Atlantic Floor Covering Association! I am reaching out again with our annual letter to you. As last year unfolded, we were able to join each other’s company at the Guinness brewery for a wonderful evening and good beer! The annual golf outing reconvened, and everyone had a great time. As you all know, this is our major fundraiser for the year, and look forward to everyone’s participation in 2023.  As other events and opportunities to share each other’s company are planned, we will reach out and let you know. We certainly welcome any suggestions. Our supply partners are very generous in their support of our association events and our participation keeps them coming back each year.

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There has certainly been some growth and changes in our industry in 2022. We also were presented with some new economic change challenges as well. As you are aware, the interest rates and inflation rates were at or exceeded historical changes. From a positive standpoint, some of the supply issues that plagued us in the last two years have softened to a manageable point and yes, the number of price increases was fewer. Our challenges have started shifting but again our resilience will be the solution to keep moving forward. Stay focused on your goals and solutions to grow your businesses.

Building our membership is still a priority for our association.  We need everyone to renew their membership and reach out to one dealer so that they can get to join our group.  As has been mentioned previously, the membership is only $199.00. Several of our vendor partners (Elias Wilf, J.J. Haines, and Fishman Flooring Solutions) have committed to continuing their generosity by providing coupons worth the price of the annual Membership netting the price to $0. The benefits of growing our membership are that we continue to be a preferred partner of our suppliers and receive competitive pricing on our projects. We also continue to develop and implement industry-leading training programs that can benefit your operations and professionalism. As important, we will have a body of influence that can represent us in Annapolis to defer any negative action that may be considered by the legislators. With a new administration in place, we will need to be extremely focused on any issues that may affect our business. It bears repeating that the time to build our membership is not during the battle but to be prepared before any potential action is proposed. I thank you for your attention to rejoining the association with our flooring partners.

I would also like to give recognition to Michelle Goshorn, Executive Director, MAFCA.  She has provided great management and guidance for our association for many years.  Thank you!!

Together, we all can continue to develop our association into an even stronger group that can represent our membership and that we can be proud of.

Steve Weidner