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An Association is only as strong as its members.  A strong Association is important to a healthy industry.  Join us today!

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Industry Networking– Get to know your fellow dealers and meet the top guys of the most important vendors in the industry. Share best practices. Plus, you might actually end up liking your competition.

A Voice to be Heard! A past President of the Association is now a State Delegate in Maryland who is on the committee that oversees the Department of Labor, Licensing and Registration.

Strength in Numbers– As the 2nd largest Floor Covering Association in the USA, we were able to defeat the State of Maryland’s effort to STOP your company from using 1099 labor subcontractors and to re-classify them as employees.

Geography- With a recent name change to Mid-Atlantic Floor Covering Association, we have expanded to include Pennsylvania! The more Members, the stronger force we are. (Another notch in our strength in numbers!)

Excellent Training Roland Thompson handles technical training sessions that will help make your Company more professional. The Association promotes educational learning in our industry so that we can all run our business more professionally. Check out our training calendar for upcoming trainings.  

Have Access to Tremendous ResourcesConcerned about the Lumber Liquidator formaldehyde in laminate debacle and how it might affect your business? The Association is on top of these type issues and has the resources to help you. Also, our Association hopes to work with the WFCA as yet another resource for your business.

Attend Industry FunctionsThe Association has 2 or 3 events annually with opportunities to socialize with your industry peers, such as our industry-wide annual golf outing and our “end of year” industry gathering.  

Give Back to the Industry You Have ChosenWhy not leave a legacy in your chosen profession? Have something to offer to the Membership? What better way than the Association to give of your time, effort, or money to help elevate our entire industry? A rising tide raises all ships!

Vendor Discounts – Join and receive vendor discounts coupons – up to $200 worth of Savings off the Membership Price. Up to $100 discount from Elias Wilf, and $50.00 coupons from both J. Haines & Fishman Flooring Solutions.

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