Letter from the President 2015

Hello Fellow Association Members-

Many of you know by now that our immediate past President, Chris Adams, of Value Carpet One in Salisbury, is now Delegate Adams in the Maryland State Legislature, after being elected into office along with Governor Larry Hogan, an extremely business friendly leader.  Chris’ election is an unbelievable ending to an unbelievable political battle – one that literally threatened the very existence of your business and our industry, and we congratulate Chris! As a result of his election to office, it became necessary for Chris Adams to step down as President, and the Board of Directors has elected me to serve a 2 year term as President in his stead.

I am writing today to seek your help in re-invigorating the Association. It appears that the galvanizing issue of our industry potentially not being allowed to use 1099 subcontractors has finally been wrestled to a conclusion of sorts, and I want to sustain the momentum that our industry showed in fighting that issue successfully.

Please consider spending your time, effort, or money supporting our Association. Our annual costs are not insignificant, and the benefits of what we have accomplished in recent years accrue to all, whether or not you participated in the Workplace Fraud fight.  I am asking you, if you have not yet renewed your Membership for 2015, please do so at once.

I have but two goals in the two years ahead, and that is to help make our industry more professional, and to make our Association a meaningful organization to you. We will need more participation in the year ahead. After all, this is YOUR organization. We will certainly need more Committee Members. You will only get out of the Association what you put into it. Please read the “Top Ten Reasons” to belong to our Association if you wonder why we exist.  If you are too busy to participate, I will give you a pass and, will happily accept your money instead-seriously…….    🙂 For example, our legal fund is almost tapped out.


Please join me in moving our Association forward.


Chuck Bode


Mid-Atlantic Flooring Association



2015 Membership Packet