Update from the President

Hello Fellow Association Members –


I hope that this letter finds you all well and looking forward to a time in the not too distance where our country will resemble normal.  I wanted to give the membership an update on a few issues.  First, let me thank all the members who have renewed their membership.  It is so important to participate in an organization that is here for the members.  For those of you that it has slipped from the radar, please take a second to send in your membership dues.  Again, it is only $199.00 and we receive coupons from our great sponsors to offset the total cost.  Thank you again to Elias Wilf, J.J. Haines and L. Fishman Flooring Solutions for their generous support.

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I am happy to announce two great things that have happened since my last letter.  First, we have arranged another great golf outing!! It is going to be on Thursday, October 21, 2021.  Please mark your calendars. We felt that delaying the event into the fall would allow us to have the safest venue.  More details to follow.  Second, as I mentioned in my initial letter, one of the greatest benefits of our Association is to provide representation in Annapolis for our business needs.  I am happy to report that with the help of Chris Adams, who is a board member and Delegate from the Eastern Shore has helped us have HB986 withdrawn.  This bill was a continuation of the Work Place Fraud Act from a few years ago that our association was able to stop from affecting all of our businesses.  During this session, we were able to move swiftly to have the bill withdrawn from the sponsors. Thank you, Chris!! This effort truly represents how we can move quickly together and represents one of the major benefits of our organization and encourages us all to participate as members.

As things progress through the year, I will provide updates on the activities of the association and any further activities that will allow us to get together.

Thank you,


Steve Weidner


Mid-Atlantic Floor Covering Association